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Elephant Man

Lyrics and music by Matthew Curran

(written November 24, 2005)

The elephant man walks as he can

Deciding on some kind of plan

Stuck in the grass , just as I pass

His movement been not so fast

Strolling along, back in London town

People were falling down

His hideous face could not erase

The image could in everyone’s brain


Story of the elephant man

Many years since it’s been

Story of the elephant man

I can almost hear him sing

Freak shows and people, staring at your face

Many say this isn’t your place

People don’t notice that you are so kind

Friendly is the mask behind

If we listen closely to your poetic ways

We may understand today

It’s just unfortunate that you left us dead

Suffocated in your bed

Copyright © 2005, Matthew Curran Music. All Rights Reserved

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