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Lyrics and music by Matthew Curran
(Written September 17, 2006)

I have found

Such a girl, but she’s down

Listen, listen open your ears

Everybody is part of a little cheer

If we’re not there, we still do care

The end of the world is not over yet


You got to go, yeah

And let it all out

Let it all out

Hiding will waste you time

So cry, just cry

Baby you haven’t opened your eyes

With a smile

There to pull you through

The look on your face just wants to refuse

Here’s a rope, there to pull you through

A calmer sound, will trance you out

Of your madness

I have seen you, floating around

Empty and mindless, just getting down

Give me your hand I’ll care for you

Been so long for your heart so blue

Open the shades let the light in

Look at all you were hiding

Copyright © 2006, Matthew Curran Music. All Rights Reserved

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