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Lyrics and music by Matthew Curran
(written March 5,2008)

Each morning I’m fresh, feeling new

Lights on my head remind me to stay true

But I stumble on the street with some shady signs

Asking me for money, give it all away

No, no

I won’t, this low vibration

No, no

I won’t, this concentration

No, oh no

I don’t want this anymore

I get so high, and I get so sore

Everyone leaves, don’t give me a hand

Monkey on my back, my only friend

So many great things I’ve cultivated

I tipped the box, and recreated

Old needs have no essential value

Cycle of love-hate called Hypnotruth

You can’t just go away

I’m not suppose to speak what you say

So scared, I’m a little kid

Stranger, stranger get out of my head

Copyright © 2008, Matthew Curran Music. All Rights Reserved

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