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Lyrics and music by Matthew Curran
(written May 21, 2007)

I’ve been wasting time, looking for things, but they’re not my type

I keep searching for a little more, every each time

So rich, but I’m so poor, my poor soul doesn’t know

That what I see, which just cause years of suffering


You got to learn to Simplify, otherwise in time

You’ll have to cry

It’s not like a crying need, melted in your belief

So you can’t be free

Lord, you got to guide me through, back to you, when all these storms

Don’t know what to do

In the end you just wonder why, why you got to suffer

Not to simplify

So love everyone, not everything that surrounds your self

When you’re restless, you’ll crawl out and get help

You drink but you don’t drink, out of the fountain that makes life sing

When you sing, the day will shine to an eternal spring

Copyright © 2007, Matthew Curran Music. All Rights Reserved

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