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Who you are

Lyrics and music by Matthew Curran
(written March 16, 2008)

Take a risk

All that you’ve been bottling

Is got to flow back to the drain

What’s stopping you is yourself

A silent war with no one else

Give me your answer, even if its wrong

Happiness is what you have longed


I get energy from the sun

‘Cuz it takes too long to get from everyone

In reach, it’s not very far

You just got to know who you are

We are little ones we have dreams

Floating astronauts or fire breathing

So give me your eyes that see

We’re at our tables folding hands

Not going for the very best hand

We can burn down all these walls

Cries are heard in deepest of calls

I was so hurt from times ago

Sad much, I couldn’t let me go

All this traffic inside my heart

Don’t know who I am, where to start

When many trials try your heart

Beat out the chamber, tear apart

Tell me this is not what you want

Please tell me what you sought

Nonsense I remember, smoked my days

Under mechanical-catastrophic human rays

My job I laughed at, it was ok

But I don’t want to be just ok!

Copyright © 2008, Matthew Curran Music. All Rights Reserved

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