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Who You Are

This video was recorded at the Jam Room in Howell, NJ on January 3, 2009. Who You Are is about pursuing what you really love regardless of what anyone says. Be who you want to be, and be true to yourself. Let no one water down your ambition to succeed. I sat down one day with an acoustic guitar and started fiddling with a groove and some chords…I looked outside of the window, and started saying “I get energy from the sun”…The sun is a metaphor for a higher source or power. I was contemplating about the silly things that we as humans do becuase we are easily influenced by others. We later realize that all desires can be accomplished when tapping into the higher self or power. “I get energy from the sun/ ‘Cuz it takes too long to get from everyone/ In reach, it’s not very far/ You just gotta know who you are.” When I play this song live I feel a lot of energy flowing through me becuase it is my personal mantra.

Matthew Curran and friends live (“Bad News”)

This video was recorded at the Jam Room in Howell, NJ on January 3, 2009. Bad News is about the negetive stories that are always witnessed on news programs. It seems to be that most news promotes the negetive aspects of life. This song explains that we should not be brainwashed by the news and should always look on the brighter side. The studio version of this song has a lot of overdubbed guitarwork. When we play this song live, we just let all guitars loose!

11 Year Old Matthew Curran 2001 Live on Metro TV (NYC)

I was invited to play on Metro TV’s “The Daily Beat” (broadcasted from NYC) when I was 11 years old. While performing at a Monday night open jam at NYC’s Le Bar Bar (another great music venue closed), my dad and I met the producer of the Daily Beat The following week I was on the show with my band. Rachel Perry was hosting the show at the time, and later began hosting shows on VH1.

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